How To Earn More in PTC Program

Learn How I Can Earn Amazingly in PTC

First to know, this is my opinion in the way of how to earn great cash or money become easy with PTC (paid to click) programs.

1. At the first phase, you must know, which PTC sites is good and not a scam site. In this case, you can learn from what peoples said around there, in forums, social media like facebook or twitter, blog or website that give you some websites listing to take a look, like what I did in this blog. (TOP Paid To Click Sites)

2. The most thing you should know is, the more IN the more you GET! in this time of PTC industry, so many PTC websites out there that give you more choices to picks. So, my wise advise is picks that ALL, and take a pen or something to write, how you do all clicks in that websites in one day. For your info only, in my case, I have my self registered in a lot of PTC sites, maybe more than 25 PTC websites programs. So, just pick that ALL and evaluate later, which one fits you and not.

3. Don't forget to become focused in which PTC sites that give you more. So you can evaluate better and prioritize it.

4. Something in PTC industry that really important is about referral. As you have more referral, you will get more money. So, find the way to promote your referral link, to find someone become your referral. In my case, forum and blog or website is the best way to do it, like what I did in this blog (TOP Paid To Click Sites). Or something like promoting you referral link through other PTC sites with PTSU program (Paid To Sign Up) or expose your referral link into PTC advertisement.
5. In my case, I prioritize and focused to The-Bux, ProBux, CashCamel, and Clixsense program, so I give more time and concerning to this site. And this is my referral link if you want to take a look and register to it.

6. So, wise advise is, choose the best and which is fit with your dream to earn more in this PTC industry, and you may have your own way and your own focused program. In my case, why I choose ProBux / The-Bux is, they still young and not too crowded with members, and they have a promising future as they build the forum and good program. That is my reason, so just pick your own reason that fits you. And why CashCamel and Clixsense , they are famous, old paying ptc, and you can trust these sites.

7. And don't forget, make money is always talk about passion and patience.

8. And after you know how to click regularly everyday in your focused PTC program, as I did in The-Bux, ProBux, CashCamel and Clixsense, you should pick other PTC website as much as you can, and start to make a schedule for that, without a schedule you can't do that click in all websites that you in.

9. As I mentioned above, I've more than 25 accounts in more than 25 PTC websites. So it's better for you to try my way. Because you can see this : 

$0.05-$0.1 per Website you earn in a day.
$0.1 x 25 websites = $2.5 you earn in a day for 25 websites with 0 referral you have.
and if you have 100 referral each Website, you will earn like this :

100 x $0.02 = $2 per day in 1 website.
$2x25 = 50$ per day in 25 Websites.
So you will earn total per day is :
$50 + $2.5 = $52.5 in 1 DAY !!!

10. As you should know, that result is not instant. You'll need a lot of time to have a good earning like that. So, just what I said before, passion and patience is always important.
and take a look at my next tutorials in the right side of this. 

maybe you can take a look at this first

This is my next tutorials.
After you read my first tutorial (left side of this). You should try this to challenge more and earn more.

1. As we know, that searching for referral for our PTC program is become more difficult these days. So, I evaluate that, the old PTC program is more difficult to get referral, like Clixsense and CashCamel, they have a lot veteran as their member and a lot of peoples out there already know about them. So they will reach their website easily from google or other search engines.

2. In this situation, in my opinion, I have to say that we must try the new one, the fresh PTC program. But we must choose the right one. The good site, good design, good security, good admin, good earning, and good prospect. But, remember the scammer usually give you more than others, so be careful.

3. Like what I said before, I always searching a new PTC website everyday. In this case for example, I've choose Clixzor, Boostfin, Trubux. And this is my referral link, maybe you want to take a look.

Static Banner

They still in beta test, and will be officially launched since May 2013, in the last admin announcement. So, I think this is the right website to start over.

4. New website means there are still few members in it, and in the future peoples out there will come to this site. So, this is your time to start your campaign and make more Downline or referral for your account before other peoples take it.

5. In some case, like Clixzor, Boostfin, Trubux, new sites will always have a few ads to click at the starting time, so just don't worry. And it also means that won't screw your schedules, because there are just a few time spend in it.

6. Last word, just give it a try, and build your downline first before the other peoples take it!

thanks for enjoying my tips and tricks How To Earn More in PTC Program.

Happy Clicking, Clickers! :D 

try these:
Clixzor, Boostfin, Trubux,


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